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Ada Nduka Oyom is the founder of She Code Africa, a platform committed to improving the Girl tech-education and celebration of code queens in Africa. She currently works at Findworka as the Community relations manager where she helps build the company’s presence in the tech community within and outside Africa.



Please tell us about yourself, career, anything else you’d like us to know.
I grew up as the only girl in a family of 6, with three amazing brothers as my siblings, this alone has helped shaped various aspects of my life and I’m thankful for it.

I had my B.Sc in Microbiology all while building and growing the tech community in my University, University of Nigeria, Nsukka. I led the Google developers group and Women techmakers chapter for two consecutive years until I graduated.

I enjoy reading, I’ve always been a voracious reader since childhood. I also derive joy in taking action and discussing about matters bordering women-in-tech, such that I consider myself a Women-in Tech Advocate.
When i’m not doing either of these, i’m either tweeting, writing or taking happy selfies 🙂


Who/what motivated you and started your path to what you do now?
I have always had a huge interest for all things related to Science and Technology and being the type of person who loves to try out new things and break stereotypes, I decided to take it on fully and get my hands dirty with it in my second year in the university through my activities under the Google student club and GDG. The excitement from learning something new, something different, each time, from knowing I could move from being a consumer to a creator with technology  kept propelling me to do more. That was my motivation and still is.


Have you ever felt being a Girl in Tech was a disadvantage? If yes, please share an experience.
I never see or take anything as a disadvantage, at different points in my career, I have encountered challenges, big and small, but anyone who knows me, knows very well I never let it get to me rather I take it up and face it as it is. They only propel me to work harder so as not to let the situation repeat itself again.
The fact that I am a girl DOES NOT stop me from trying to achieve whatever it is I set my mind to, I have a dogged mind, and 101/100 times, i would do whatever it takes to achieve my goal. I can’t help it, I was brought up that way, it’s almost like reflex.


How has being a Girl in Tech affected your social life and your world view in general?
Being a girl in tech has totally changed my view and approach to life, I’ve been able to address important issues in my own little way, Given talks (technical and non-technical) at several events with a listening audience comprised of experts in the industry, gotten recognition on several occasions just for doing what I love.
I’ve also had the opportunity to meet,interact and work with a lot of important personas in the tech community, both within and Outside Africa. People I never would have thought of conversing with. They’re so many i’m beginning to lose count!
Unlike popular belief about girls in tech having no time to sort out their fashion/social life, I’ve come to realize it’s all false. Try attending the next women-in-tech event close to you and see for yourself.



How do you handle defeat and/or failure as a female in a male dominated field?
Get up, Dust up, Keep moving.
It’s that simple! I never brood too long about my failures/ disappointments, they would only tear you down the more.

What do you like most about what you do in Tech at the moment?
The fact that i am continually creating impact in the lives of several people across the globe, helping build career paths in Tech. I get several messages daily on social media alone from different people about how either my talks, posts or different actions has motivated them to take up a career or course in Software development or Technology as a whole. It’s exciting!


What advice would you give to any female looking to go into tech?
Do not let anyone tell you otherwise, be the change that you seek within. Start from somewhere, start small and grow big, it would all work out, do not fret about it.
And as for technical challenges, you won’t be the first to go through that, always ask around for help.


If you have a favourite quote, please share.
The life you live is temporary, make positive impacts and memories while it lasts.


Thank you Ada!
You’re most welcome.